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An Apparel Line that Lifts You into the Adventures of Flight!

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Ad Officially Licensed Aeroplane Apparel Co. Men's T-Shirt

Aeroplane Apparel Company

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The first Boeing B-17s flew into combat on July 18, 1941, not in American service but with the Royal Airforce, on a daylight bombing raid from 30,000 feet against Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Armed with bombs and five 30-caliber machine guns, the "four-engine fighters" were legendary for their ability to take enemy fire and keep flying.

Without the B-17, according to the American air commander in Europe, we may have lost the war. Help commemorate one of the most recognizable and influential aircraft of World War II with this officially licensed Boeing T-shirt from Aeroplane Apparel Company.

Produced under license from Boeing. Boeing, the distinctive Boeing logos, product markings, and trade dress are trademarks of The Boeing Company.


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