An apparel line that lifts you into the adventures of flight!


Though now long decommissioned, we’ve blown decades of dust off of the manila folder files, and with white-gloved hands, tenderly restored and present our fellow aviation enthusiasts, our weekend flying warriors here today, official Military squadron insignias of years past.

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Our Aviator Collection depicts inspirational, hand-drawn wordform designs illustrating popular aviation phrases. Each creative artwork lets aviation buffs know we’d all much rather be taking to the air, flying with the greatest of ease, unbounded, untethered to Mother Earth.

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Inspired to fly. That’s the magic we’d all love to do, often with child-like wonder. We ache to grab hold of the reigns in a magnificently restored biplane, flying atop an unforgettable sunset, as the day’s last glimmering rays of twilight softly wanes into the cloaked folds of nightfall.

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