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84th Bombardment Squadron Aeroplane Apparel Company Ball Cap

Aeroplane Apparel Company

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If you were a WWII G.I. under fire in Tunisia or on the beaches of Salerno, there was no sight sweeter than that of a U.S. Army Air Corps A-20 Havoc diving in from overhead. These light bombers were force multipliers that broke open the enemy lines and saved countless Allied soldiers that were under withering German fire. One of the units flying the Havoc was the 84th Bombardment Squadron, part of the 47th Bombardment Group. The 84th saw action throughout the Mediterranean theater of operations, bombing airfields in North Africa, blasting pathways for the invasion of Sicily and the Italian mainland, and conducting dangerous night missions over the Po River valley.

The Aeroplane Apparel Company is pleased to honor the courage and sacrifices of the 84th Bombardment Squadron by placing their emblem front-and-center on this handsome ball cap. The red-rimmed gold disc of the 84th features the Devil himself, streaking in from above, shouldering a bomb that he is ready to deliver directly to the enemy's position. The Devil's yellow eyes are wide open and he carries a smile on his face, signifying the 84th Bombardment Squadron's willingness to undertake any strike mission in support of the troops on the ground.

The Aeroplane Apparel Company Monogram is prominently displayed on the back of this hat.

  • Union Made In USA
  • Unstructured
  • Low Profile
  • 100 Percent Cotton Poplin Cloth
  • Velcro Strap
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