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Whistling Death Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt

Product image 1Shirts - Whistling Death Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt
Product image 2Shirts - Whistling Death Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt
Product image 3Shirts - Whistling Death Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt

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The gull-winged Vought F4U Corsair
By far, one of the most gorgeous fighters to ever grace the sky is the Vought F4U Corsair. It was known as “Whistling Death” by the soldiers unfortunate enough to find themselves on the business end of the Corsair’s impressive array of armaments; the nickname came from the unique whistling sound it made during a high-speed bombing run. Used by the Navy and Marines in WWII and Korea, the Corsair’s impressive power, maneuverability, and flexibility made it a favorite of pilots and the ground troops they supported.

On the front of this Aeroplane Apparel Company t-shirt, the Corsair can be seen cruising for its next victim, roaring across a mountain range powered by its massive double row Wasp radial engine. The whole scene is framed in gunmetal gray underneath the ACC logo. This Aeroplane Apparel Company t-shirt is adorned with the company logo tastefully on the back.
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