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Shirts - Otto Is My Co-Pilot T-Shirt

Otto is My Co-Pilot T-Shirt

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You don’t need to be an airplane nut to know who Otto is—you just need to have seen the 1980 film Airplane! There is not a cockpit in the world—military or civilian—that has not heard at least one joke that references the iconic satire of this comic classic. Even when pilots are "turning to jelly," lines from Airplane can be counted on to provide comedic relief.

One of the best scenes in the film is when the autopilot saves the aircraft. This is no normal autopilot, but a gigantic inflatable version of a real human aviator. The "Otto-pilot" brings the plane back under control, only to suffer from an inflation malfunction. Quick—erm, action—by a resourceful flight attendant helps save the day.

Surely, every airplane nut needs an "Otto-pilot." Buy your’s today—and don’t call us Shirley.

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