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An Apparel Line that Lifts You into the Adventures of Flight!

F-16 Jet Cockpit Aeroplane Apparel Men's T-Shirt Night

Aeroplane Apparel Company

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The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a modern legend. Originally designed in the 1970's as a lightweight air superiority fighter, the Fighting Falcon has evolved over the decades into the quintessential multirole fighter and attack aircraft. From engaging in air-to-air-combat, to tactical bombing, to close air supportthe F-16 has become a platform that can do it all.

This cool design from the Aeroplane Apparel Company features a brave and skilled F-16 pilot, ringed in chrome, over the classically-styled AAC logo. Over each of his shoulders, his squadron mates watch his six? as they streak toward the fight.

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