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Moss Helmet Fly-Out Men's T-Shirt

Product image 1Shirts - Moss Helmet Fly-Out Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt
Product image 2Shirts - Moss Helmet Fly-Out Aeroplane Apparel T-Shirt

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If ever there was a legend of the jet fighter age, the iconic F-4 Phantom II is it. Initially designed by McDonnell Aircraft as a supersonic, two-seat, all-weather interceptor for the United States Navy, the readily adaptable Phantom went on the serve the U.S. Air Force, the Marine Corps, and foreign air forces around the globe. The F-4 was the principal air superiority fighter for both the USAF and Navy in Vietnam and was heavily employed in the close air support and tactical bombing roles. The Phantom even saw combat in the first Gulf War, flying dangerous “Wild Weasel” missions to destroy Iraqi surface-to-air missile launchers.

This original AAC design honors the “Phabulous Phantom” and its intrepid pilots. On the front of the t-shirt, an F-4 pilot wearing a Vietnam era helmet and oxygen mask stares into the expanse outside his cockpit, scanning the skies for enemy MiGs. His visor reflects a vision of a fighter pilot’s Valhalla—a sweeping vista of air, cloud, and sunlight. From this beautiful scene, the pilot’s trusty steed streaks out of the artwork. The Phantom, loaded for bear and portrayed in hues of red, turns aggressively toward its next target. Underneath this unique piece of historically inspired aviation artwork, the classically designed Aeroplane Apparel Company logo is prominently displayed.

  • Constructed from 100% certified organic cotton for super soft feel. You'll want to wear this t-shirt everywhere.
  • Double needle sleeve and bottom hems for extra durability.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
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