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Barnstormer Aeroplane Apparel Ladies T-Shirt

Product image 1Shirts - Barnstormer Aeroplane Apparel Ladies T-Shirt
Product image 2Shirts - Barnstormer Aeroplane Apparel Ladies T-Shirt
Product image 3Shirts - Barnstormer Aeroplane Apparel Ladies T-Shirt
Product image 4Shirts - Barnstormer Aeroplane Apparel Ladies T-Shirt

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Back in the Roaring Twenties, when aviation was in its infancy, troops of flying men would travel the country looking to make a dime off of the skills they had honed in the First World War. Known as "barnstormers," these intrepid pilots would stun gap-mouthed crowds with feats of aerial daring in their rickety biplanes-aircraft that were literally held together with cloth and baling wire. These courageous adventurers did more than impress the masses. These pilots popularized aviation, inspired technological advancements, invented the airshow, and created an American cultural icon.

This original AAC design honors those early birds with this beautifully designed t-shirt. The front of the shirt portrays the barnstormers biplane streaking over the Aeroplane Apparel Company logo. On the back, we see the classic barnstormer and his airplane in all his glory. Clad in a leather helmet and goggles, and sporting the mustache that was as much a part of 1920s flying as the airplane itself, this pilot is ready to excite onlookers with his astounding airborne antics. All of this artwork is wrapped in a bronze diamond with the AAC logo in silver underneath.

  • Constructed from 100% cotton for super soft feel. You'll want to wear this t-shirt everywhere.
  • Double needle sleeve and bottom hems for extra durability.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
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