An apparel line that lifts you into the adventures of flight!


With the utmost respect dedicated to the preservation of historical accuracy, and collected directly from verified government archives, our Heritage Collection precisely depicts Military squadron insignias.

Though now long decommissioned, we’ve blown decades of dust off of the manila folder files, and with white-gloved hands, tenderly restored and present our fellow aviation enthusiasts, our weekend flying warriors here today, official Military squadron insignias of years past.

Some of these dog-eared, nearly forgotten squadron patches and documents have never seen the light of day since the end of our nation’s golden era of aviation. While other squadrons have enjoyed a resurging notoriety in modern-day culture, via movies and hugely popular tv shows.

Through our Heritage Collection, you’re welcome to recreate your own world of flying reenactments. Just be sure to strap yourselves tight to your seat. Because with these original insignias, the very essence of American flight history is going to whip you with celestial excitement. When you wear apparel from our Heritage Collection, you’ll feel like you were there.

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